Sharock Oils
Global Presence
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"One Stop Shop" in the lubricants industry
We are always focused on our customers and service, we aim to be your ‘ONE STOP SHOP’ in the lubricants industry, offering a variety of products and integrated services to meet all the base oil and specialty blending needs of our clients.

We offer an extensive product portfolio of base oils (Groups I-IV), pale oils, advanced additives, as we manage supply chains distributing products from top refineries in more than 20 countries worlwide.

We operate a smooth and effective logistics system to deliver our products worlwide from door to door by any mean of transportion with a growing number of customers in emerging markets. 

By saying we aim to be your  “one stop shop”, we mean not just a variety of products and services, but we offer a number of service and ethics standards which include: high quality of products, timely services, fair prices, professionalism , commitment  and a strong will to provide the best services on the market to our customers. Every customer is equally as important as the last.

We continuously work to extend our products portfolio and further develop our logistics and storage infrastructure supporting our customers in their development and growth.

ISO 9001-2008