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Trade Events
Shamrock welcomes the opportunity to support professional forums and conferences, this enables us to contribute towards communication and co-operation development within the base oils industry. Here at Shamrock we see how sensitive the industry can be regarding the financial and environmental challenges it faces and the need to continually improve its technological standards. We feel that with continued dialogue, co-operation and joint efforts, we can assist significantly towards the advanced energy needs of future generations.

Shamrock is proud to be an official sponsor of the following events:

  • The 6th Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference, Singapore, 27-28 June 2012
  • ILMA 2012 Management Forum, Pinehurst, USA, 19-21 April 2012
  • UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress 2012, Stuttgart, Germany, 20-21 March, 2012
  • F&L 6th Asia-Pacific Base Oil, Lubricant and Grease Conference, Macao, China, 4th - 6th March 2012
  • The 16th World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference, London, UK 23th - 24th February 2012
  • The 7th ICIS Pan-American Base Oils & Lubricants Conference, Jersey City, United States, 1st - 2nd December 2011
  • International Symposium of Lubricants and Additives, Sao Paulo, Brazil,  October 27, 2011
  • The Annual Congress of the European Lubricants Industry 2011, Dubrovnik - Croatia,  26-28 October, 2011
  • The 8th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils & Lubricants Conference, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 11th - 12th October 2011
  • The 5th Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 14th - 15th June 2011
  • The 15th World Base Oils & Lubricants, Conference, London, UK, 24th - 25th February 2011
  • The 6th ICIS Pan-American Base Oils & Lubricants conference, Jersey City, USA, December 2-3, 2010
  • The Annual Congress of the European Lubricants Industry 2010, Vienna - Austria, October,  21-22, 2010
  • The 7th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils & Lubricants, Dubai, UAE, October 12-13, 2010
  • F+L 4th Asia Pacific Base Oil Conference, Singapore, March 1-2, 2010
  • The 14th World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference ,  London, UK, 24th - 25th February 2010

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