Earlier this month, Shamrock visited Mongolia: the land of the eternal blue sky. Though the country’s economic situation presents challenges for local importers and suppliers to the region, it has good prospects for growth and stability with the new government in place.

Mongolia is a country very rich in natural resources. Coal energy and precious metals are in abundance, but lacking their own production of oil and oil products, they must import these from Russia.

Currently, Mongolia imports up to 100 000 MT of road paving bitumen from Russia. The main problem importers face, however, is financing. In many cases, road contractors cannot make necessary pre-payments and need to have credit terms in place. For smaller businesses this can be problematic, but is not insurmountable. There are many financing alternatives available. At Shamrock, for example, we are able to set up credit lines for customers through our existing relationships with first-class European companies and offer competitive trade finance solutions.

Moreover, our close affiliations with major oil companies mean that we can provide Mongolian companies access to oil products originating from Russian refineries at the best price and of the best value.

The development of the road network in Mongolia (the red lines represent projects that are under planning)

Other than bitumen, Mongolian companies actively import such products as diesel, fuel oil and gasoline, also from Russia. Since they do not have any capacity to produce lubricants, they import finished lubes from Russian refineries also. Here again, Shamrock can be of assistance.  Aside from being able to source from top refineries and provide financing, we can organize the intermodal transportation of your cargo and take care of the complete logistics, ensuring smooth business operations.

Ultimately Shamrock is truly a ‘one stop shop’ in the lubricants industry, offering a full range of products and integrated services to meet all the needs of our clients. We hope to continue to expand our operations in Mongolia to offer more customers the benefits of consistent supply options from the most reliable refineries worldwide and the most favourable logistics and financing terms.