Sharock Oils
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Storage and Transshipment
Whether it involves base oils, oil products, petrochemicals, biofuels or any other liquid cargo we offer complete storage and transshipment solutions at  our excellent storage and transshipment terminals at several locations. We can also assist you with any liquid cargo storage in Europe, especially in Baltics, North-West Europe and the Mediterranean.

All facilities used by shamrock are fitted with essential equipment and are easily accessed by sea vessels, barges, railway cars, and trucks, serving either as a collection point for small batches of liquid cargo, originating from an inland production facility or as a point of origin for inland distribution by inland shipping, tank truck, rail, as well as storage tanks, were cargo is often stored under very specific conditions, such as controlled temperature. We also provide blending services upon request and in accordance with prescribed specifications. 

Shamrock takes care of a number of important logistic issues during  the product’s journey from origin to final destination with the utmost care, in accordance to highest safety and operational standards, which form together the quality of services our customers can count on.  

ISO 9001-2008