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At Shamrock Shipping and Trading, we place immense importance on our responsibilities to the environment. We strive to make a positive impact on the wider global community and actively play our part to help society achieve sustainable development. One such way is through re-refined oils. Shamrock works with partners across the world to deliver truly sustainable and green lubricant solutions.

What is re-refining?

Re-refining is the process in which used engine oils are collected, treated and refined to remove all contaminants, such as dirt, water fuel and used additives. The re-refined base oil is then combined with a fresh additive package to bring it up to industry performance levels.

Environmental impact

Re-refining used oils is a far more ecological process than conventional base oil production. It generates half as much CO2 emissions, and is 30% more energy efficient. Re-refining recovers 99% of the lubricant oil component of the used oil, and some used oils, such as motor oils, can be refined many times over for maximum savings. Not to mention that it lessens the amount of non-renewable and finite resources are taken from the environment.

Re-refined vs virgin base oils

The re-refining process of used oils is the same process as the refining and distillation of crude oil into virgin. That means that re-refined base oils can be as high a quality, if not higher, than virgin base oils. At Shamrock, we believe re-refining used oils is a truly viable and responsible alternative to traditional methods of disposing used oils.


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Re-refined Base Oils
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