Financial Services

financial services from Shamrock Oils

Financing options at any stage of the supply chain

As a result of an unstable global economic climate and the severely adverse lending from local banks and other financial institutions, companies face a low availability of financing options. More than ever, companies are seeking working capital to keep transactions going, funds to invest in new projects, or simply money invested in the expansion of current business in the form of trade finance, i.e. financing of trading activities. Shamrock Shipping and Trading financial services empower our clients.

Don’t limit yourself to financial services available locally.
There are much more financing alternatives than you think.


  • Accessibility of financing at preferable rates
  • Working capital and cash flow improvement for procurement and processing
  • Off balance sheet benefits
  • Execution speed and performance
  • Documents processing
  • Focus on core skills
  • Supply chain management
  • Liaising with professionals and experts in trade finance

You are looking to:

  • Increase & diversify your trading activities (import/export)
  • Secure your transactions
  • Obtain favourable Terms & Conditions
  • Find the resources to undertake the financial and operational aspects of your activities.

We make it happen by:

  • Payment to producers/suppliers
  • Financing of inventory (stock)
  • Financing of goods while in transit
  • Financing of receivables (deferred payment to customers)
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