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The meaning of the shamrock clover ranges from religious to rebellious.

Shamrocks are commonly associated with a myriad of ancient beliefs and legends on its mystic powers, which claim, for instance, to be a remedy against the sting of scorpions and the bite of snakes or to stand on end to warn of an approaching storm. From ancient times shamrocks are also considered as symbols of luck, growth, financial gain, success, good health and achievement.

With deep respect to the rich symbolism of our company’s logo we aim to act with dignity in the business arena and to incorporate all the best of the traditional shamrock meanings into our corporate values and code of ethics.

The deep symbolism of the shamrock’s connections with life and nature reflects our efforts to balance today’s profitability with environmental considerations and responsibility to future generations.

The symbolism of abundance and stability is probably the most appropriate attribute for any company in its effort to conduct business profitably for itself and its partners.

The idea of natural balance, associated with the clover’s trefoil reflects our sustainable efforts to balance today’s profitability with social and environmental considerations whilst acting responsibly, and being accountable for our actions.

We are continuing our own Shamrock history, which is based on our very own traditional and human values.

Shamrock Oils quote

Sergey Galin Shamrock Oils Managing Director

Sergey Galin
Managing Director
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Shamrock Oils send our thoughts and prayers to the people of UkraineOur thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine