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Quality and sustainability

Our policy is to become the leading supplier of base oil, lubricants and petrochemical products.

We are dedicated to providing industrialists with increasing profits whilst helping the environment by providing a continuous outlet for base oil, lubricants and petrochemical products and maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction and assurances of the highest quality service. In doing so, we will comply with all applicable requirements, including those of our customers, applicable legislation and those of ISO 9001 whilst achieving a high quality and cost-effective service.

We have developed a management system to control our processes and to direct our employees in order to achieve this policy. We have also established quality objectives to support this policy which will be monitored and measured in order to continually improve our service.

With this policy statement we confirm that we are fully committed to quality and to continually improve the effectiveness of our management system. We will spare no effort to support this policy and our objectives with active and continuous improvement by top management.

This policy is made available to all employees and Shamrock requires all employees to comply with it. The policy is reviewed as part of the management review process and where changes to the policy are made it will be re-issued and implemented.

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