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Expanding young minds with internship program.

Shamrock is delighted to welcome a new member this week: Sotiris Kyriakou

Sotiris, through a special internship program organised by the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), will be a part of our team for the next 5 weeks. Sotiris is currently studying Commerce, Finance and Shipping at CUT.

Sotiris is ready for work from first day.

During these 5 weeks, Sotiris will be in contact with all departments of our company and will gain an in-depth understanding of the responsibilities of each function and how they work together as a whole to deliver a great service to our customers. We look forward to taking this opportunity to educate and support Sotiris and give him the assurance to build his professional career. But of course we are also excited about the new ideas and practices he will bring to the business.

Shamrock Oils send our thoughts and prayers to the people of UkraineOur thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine