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Shamrock attends F+L Week Conference in Asia

Last week Shamrock attended F+L Week Conference, held in Macao. The Conference, organized by Fuels & Lubes Asia, is the premier fuels, lubricants, additives and base oils conference in Asia Pacific, attracting mostly representatives from additives producers for fuels, lubricants, and many producers of chemical and niche petrochemical products like esters, PAGs, acids, solvents, etc.

The event had a largely technical incline, with discussions around improving fuel efficiency, the adaptability of fuels, additives and lubricants, and the ongoing changes of ecological standards and demanding standards of the OEMs. However, there were a number of presentations focusing on the lubricants market in Europe and China, where Shamrock has a good presence.

At Shamrock, we pride ourselves in our in-depth knowledge of the products we sell, as well as our comprehensive understanding of the lubricants market. Events such as this one are valuable to fuel our learning so that we can gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs and pain points and so deliver a continuously improving service to them.

Aside from the educational side, the event proved to be a great networking opportunity to reinforce our value proposition and global presence. We met with a number of key people from the industry to whom we can bring our knowledge, services and products.

The event was also interesting from the sourcing side for more specialty products like PAOs, PAGs, Esters, which belong to Group IV and Group V base oil feedstocks. At Shamrock, whatever the product and wherever in the world our customers are, we can supply and distribute it at the best prices with the most favourable logistics and financing terms.


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