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Shamrock increases its storage capacity in Latvia

Shamrock Shipping and Trading, international base oils, lubricants and petrochemicals supplier and distributor, has put into operation 2 additional storage tanks in Latvia. Chemical storage facility consisting of mild-steel tanks of 400-3000 m3 can tranship, store and repack base oils, finished lubricants, petroleum and chemical products, with total capacity of 19000 m3 or about 160’000 barrels.

Shamrock has invested to upgrade and equip tanks with heating and insulation to maintain temperature of the stored product up to 100 oC, dedicated pumps for loading road trucks and flexitanks. Company has increased throughput of container loadings. Draft of 8,4 meter allows to load vessels with deadweight up to 15000 mt. Foodgrade chemicals can be stored upon request. This storage capacity is today’s most technologically advanced chemical terminal in the Baltics allowing to reload any types of liquid cargoes including oils, fats, oleochemicals. It is used for transhipping cargoes from/to European markets as well as other continents. Spot capacities will be offered to the third parties for transit into FSU countries as storage or redelivery from vessel to railwaycars/trucks/flexitanks or smaller packaging in drums or IBC.

Shamrock operates storage facilities in three strategic locations in Europe – Latvia, Belgium and UK, with total capacity of 25’000 metric tons. All storages are accessed by sea vessels, railway and cars/trucks and due to location provide best possibilities for the products’ transhipment and further transportation world-wide.

Shamrock Shipping and Trading is a complex service provider with an extensive product portfolio of Group I, II and III base oils, pale oils, advanced additives, finished lubricants, petroleum and chemical produts, strategically located storage and blending assets, world-wide transportation and logistics network. Company delivers complex and cost-effective solutions, which include sourcing,   processing, transporting, storage, blending, financing and thesupply of wide range of chemical products.

Shamrock Oils send our thoughts and prayers to the people of UkraineOur thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine