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Shamrock opens office in Canada

Shamrock Shipping and Trading, international base oils, lubricants and petrochemicals supplier and distributor, is pleased to announce it has opened a new office in Canada (Oakville, ON). The new office will provide a central hub to coordinate the company’s activities in North and South America. Our newest location will also allow us to better serve our growing markets and to facilitate customer relations and excellent service to our existing and future customers in the region.

As an international supplier with a well-developed sourcing and logistics network, Shamrock looks for opportunities to provide Canadian, US and Latin American refineries with superior quality products and door-to-door service at a very fair price. We are specializing in base oils, additives and lubricants supply, and for the past 7 years, we have met the supply needs of many companies across the globe through customized products and services, in-time deliveries, and flexible terms of cooperation. The new regional office will provide a local presence and enhance the personal touch Shamrock delivers for each engagement.

In response to our rapidly growing customer base in American markets, Shamrock has recently joined North American ILMA—Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association— an important step towards integration into the North and South American professional communities and recognition of the company’s compliance with internationally recognized standards for products and services.

Shamrock has also been member of UEIL—Independent Union of the European Lubricants Industry—since 2008. Shamrock operates to the highest standards of processing, health, safety, environmental protection, and business ethics. All Shamrock products are registered in accordance with REACH legislation, the regulation concerning chemical substances in the EU.

Shamrock Shipping and Trading is a complex service provider with an extensive product portfolio of Group I, II, and III base oils, pale oils, advanced additives, finished lubricants, petroleum, and chemical products; strategically located storage and blending assets; worldwide transportation; and logistics network. Shamrock operates storage facilities in three strategic locations in Europe—Latvia, Belgium, and the UK—with total capacity of 25,000 metric tons. Shamrock is managing supply chains accumulating products from top refineries in more than 20 countries and delivers complex and cost-effective solutions, which include sourcing, processing, transporting, storage, blending, financing, and the supply of a wide
range of chemical products.

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