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The Shamrock experience with GDPR so far

It’s been nearly three months since the implementation date for GDPR compliance and news about companies facing huge fines for non-compliance are already spreading around the world. It seems that the legislation has introduced a multitude of challenges for companies and there are only few who can remain unaffected.

At Shamrock, we are are continually assessing our internal policies, systems and practices. The new data protection legislation was an opportunity for us to emphasize further our “less is more” policy and to efficiently organize what we are keeping. More importantly, though, it was an opportunity for us to get in touch once again with all the individuals we interact with and add further emphasis on the importance of transparency and integrity in our business relationships. These are at the core of our values as a company and they maintain the highly satisfied customer base which fuels all our actions.

For us, the balance between the risk/benefit ratio for data processing was not difficult to establish as it was already there. Our standards, policies and practices have been worked on and been refined for many years with the advantage of such a balance to establish itself by time.

Therefore, the effect of the legislation on Shamrock’s experience has been so far an advancement on the perception of personal data and its regard as property and as a consequence greater care and protection. Further clarification of the rights of the individuals and the obligations of the company and better and more efficient practices are among the many benefits achieved from the measures implementation so far. However, our experience is far from over and we continue to monitor and assess our practices to ensure full compliance and the full protection of our partners’ personal data.

You can find more about our scope and practices in our Privacy Policy. For questions regarding personal data, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help!